August 24, 2011

Flawless Face a’ la Noxzema

noxema ad

At around 12 years old, I starting experimenting with make-up and asked to wear it regularly. I’ll never forget my mom taking me to the Dollar General store and buying me a giant blue tub of Noxzema. She told me how important it was to wash my face each night and take good care of my skin. This is somewhat ironic because she often sleeps in her make-up, but her skin always looks great.

noxema wipes2

When I opened that first tub, the smell was so distinct. I don’t remember buying Noxzema in years, but I ran across some of these wipes in my bathroom the other night and used one to clean my face. It was so crazy how the smell was exactly the same as I remembered it, even in a wipe-form.

Did you grow up using Noxzema or some other iconic skincare product? Do you still swear by it or have you declared your loyalties elsewhere?