August 10, 2011

I’m Simply Mad for Mad Men

drink ad 3

I have a confession to make….my name is Kate and I’m now completely obsessed with Mad Men. It isn’t even funny how late I am to this party, but since last week I’ve managed to watch a respectable number of episodes (from the series premiere to the beginning of season 3). I always thought the show looked interesting, but now I’m utterly engrossed in it.

I studied public relations & advertising in college and I'm hoping to work in PR, but it's still neat to see the inner workings and daily happenings in the lives of 1960's ad men (or I guess I should say mad men!). In watching the show, I have learned a few things and recognized some of the strategies employed in the advertising agency from what I learned in my college classes. I've even gotten my southern beau to watch the show, even though he swore he wouldn't like it and it would be "boring." I love proving him wrong sometimes.

drink ad 1964

These vintage drink ads are an homage to the illustrious team at Sterling Cooper…see Don’s signature old-fashioned above? Part of the show’s appeal to me is the glamour, but also how it seems like a cultural anthropology lesson. From the way men and women interact with each other in the professional setting of the agency to the way husbands and wives interact at home, it doesn't make me long for a return to the 1960's....but the fashions are fun and the notions are interesting to think about.

drink ad 2

The drinking and womanizing can be a bit much at times, but overall I’m pretty invested in the characters. Who else is sold on the show? I’m hoping to get all caught up before the newest season airs on television. Let’s talk Mad Men…but no spoilers please!