August 15, 2011

Sculpture with a Point

pencil sculp1

As a child, my favorite thing about school starting each fall was picking out school supplies. There is something about crisp new sheets of paper and perfect pencils that makes a person feel reborn. When I ran across these pencil creations, I thought they fit perfectly as today is the first day of school for many folks. My No.2 pencils never looked anything like this!

pencil sculp5

These intricate creations remind me of my grandfather who sometimes whittled and would always sharpen pencils for me with his pocket knife, which pleased me to no end.

pencil sculp4

I love people who can take an ordinary everyday object and turn it into something magical. Who would have guessed a simple pencil could be transformed in such a way. Have any of y’all seen this before?

pencil sculp3

The King (Pencil) says “Have a hunka hunka good Monday!”

{Pencil art by artist Dalton Getty via UK Daily Mail}