December 19, 2012

Visions of Sugarplums and Gingerbread

I already mentioned that the southern beau and I took a recent day-trip to Asheville, North Carolina  to enjoy some sights and sounds of the holiday season. One of my favorite things about the excursion was getting to view some gorgeous gingerbread houses! 

Asheville's Grove Park Inn is the site of a full-blown gingerbread competition, but we didn't make it there during this trip. Instead, we visited the Grove Arcade where several gingerbread contest entries were also on display. 

From someone who has attempted to build a gingerbread house and nearly pulled her hair out in the process, I was quite impressed by the talent and creativity on display. Who'd have thought the ancient Egyptians would be so festive? 

This magical creation came complete with shredded coconut snow! 

Have you ever successfully executed a gingerbread creation? How about unsuccessfully? There's no judgement here. I like the above gingerbread house because it's decked out with old fashioned hard know, like the ones Dolly sings about in her famous holiday tune.

This final gingerbread house reminded of the 18th century James White fort, home of the founder of Knoxville. Cute, huh? 

Some families create gingerbread houses together each year as a holiday tradition. I wish mine did, but I'm afraid we'd all end up frustrated...and the holidays have enough potential for that as it is. I hope you are having a wonderful week my friend! Can you believe it's less than 7 days to Christmas? Yikes!