December 10, 2012

Think Inside the Box: Smiling Rock Box Shop

One of the booths I really enjoyed perusing at the Big Crafty craft fair in Asheville was the Smiling Rock Box Shop. Smiling Rock Boxes are wooden boxes enclosed by glass panes that house a variety of different objects, from special collectibles to ordinary everyday items.

The ones that contained antique fishing lures were my favorites because they reminded me of my great grandpa, an avid fisherman (when he could get away from his busy life as a farmer).

Another box that struck my fancy contained three lines of barbed made me think of my grandparents' farm. I love the idea of taking a simple thing, and turning it into a work of art by showcasing it in a handcrafted box.

Wouldn't this be a great way to save a special childhood toy or memento? I don't know for sure if you can send in your own items and have them 'boxed,' but it's worth a shot to ask. The artist's contact information is on the Smiling Rock Box website.

I love attending craft events because it's such a neat way to get inspiration and see what other creative folks are dreaming up. Even if the crafts aren't your style, you can still appreciate them for the work and time that went into creating them.

Are you crafty? I like to think I am, but there are so many things I still hope to learn. What crafty creations have you made lately?