December 15, 2012

On this day: Gone with the Wind Premiere

On this day in 1939, Gone with the Wind premiered at Atlanta's Loew's Grand Theatre. Wouldn't you love to have been there? The stars of the film descended onto the city and caused quite a stir. From Clark Gable (seen below with his beautiful wife Carole Lombard) to Vivien Leigh and others, it was a night to see and be seen. 

New Hollywood has nothing on the glamour and opulence of old was a different time and we'll probably never really know what it was like to be part of that world. But I love looking through the old images that I find...imagining how it must have felt to have all eyes on you, bringing Margaret Mitchell's masterpiece to life. There are so many awful things going on the the world right now, I guess I just wanted to look back with fondness to a simpler time. 

Here's a link to a wonderful blog with lots of great back story from my friend Denise, who I met a couple of years ago at the Margaret Mitchell House social media event. Enjoy!