December 3, 2012

Only In the South: Holiday Light Show Extravaganza

There's a house near where the southern beau lives that goes ALL OUT for Christmas. It's not just decorated to the hilt...there's a light show. Set. To. Music. The folks must have their own radio frequency because there's a big sign nailed to a telephone pole in their yard that tells you what station to tune in to. Then you just sit back and take it all in. The above video gives a small glimpse. I'm sure the neighbors hate it. We keep going back year after year! All I can say about this is only in the south! 


  1. I'm guessing someone handy in that household is retired. In my sister's neighborhood there's a house that has every inch of house and yard covered in some kind of lights.

  2. All our adult "kids" will be here(Knoxville) for Christmas. Can you share the address? We've transferred many times for my husband's career and it seems like there is always a home that's over the top sparkly. My favorites are the ones that request donations for the needy. ;-)

  3. It is not just the South my dear. It is all over in every state. We have several all lit up and musical in Wichita Kansas. Come up and see them!!! LOL


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