October 18, 2012

Southern Belle Simple Halloween Decorations on a Budget

I'm joining my friends at Knoxville's WTNZ Fox43 this morning for a fun segment about all things Halloween! It's no secret around here that Halloween is the southern beau's favorite holiday and I love it too. What I don't love is spending a lot of money to decorate my home for the occasion.

One easy way to add a little spooky cheer to your home is with vintage Halloween images. I did a Google search for "Vintage Halloween postcards" and found some great options! It's easy to have these types of things printed at a local print shop, but for the cost of a little epson printer ink, I was able to print mine out at home. I then matted them on black paper for a few easy Halloween decorations.

I also shot the photo below of a local cemetery and played with the colors a bit to make it look extra spooky. This is another easy way to bring an eerie quality to your decor. Feel free to use this image for your own decorations. 

Since I wanted to keep this year's Halloween decorations on a budget, I decided to repurpose some things I already had, such as an antique black candelabra. I also visited my local Goodwill store (GW Boutique) and picked up a few more black wrought iron candlesticks (like the ones shown below) for a couple bucks. Some of these will have taper candles and the larger ones will make a perfect perch for a pumpkin or two.   

I also pulled out my small collection of antique purple glass bottles because I think they add a really neat mysterious quality to any Halloween decorations. These bottles started out as clear glass but they contain manganese which caused them to turn purple over the years as they were exposed to sunlight. Bottles of this type pre-date 1915 because companies stopped using manganese after that time. 

These are just a few of my ideas...I'm sure you have plenty of your own! With a little creativity, it's easy to decorate your home for Halloween while sticking to a budget. It doesn't have to be a big production to be lots of fun! You can visit this page to see the video of my segment where my ideas are brought to life! 

Happy Halloween!