October 27, 2012

Anti-Recipe: Southern Style Vegan Mashed Potatoes

There's nothing like that first truly blustery cold day of fall (and watching your Alma Mater's football team lose yet another game) that makes a person want to hunker down and drown his sorrows in some comfort food. In my opinion, the most comforting comfort food is mashed potatoes (with macaroni and cheese coming in second) so I thought I'd share my recipe with a vegan twist. 

Growing up, the mashed potatoes I enjoyed were made by my granny, creamed with milk and butter and peppered like crazy. Since I adopted a vegan lifestyle, I figured that kind of goodness was off limits to me...until I realized that I could make a great alternative version without any dairy. 

Believe it or not, my version is really good and you don't even miss the milk. To make my vegan mashed potatoes, I boil 4 to 6 medium sized red potatoes (with the skin left on) til they can be pierced with a fork. Then I pour off the water and mash them up, adding a little vegetable broth and some olive oil until I achieve the consistency I like. Sometimes I add a small amount of Earth Balance vegan spread but it's not necessary. Finish off with a sprinkle of dill and garlic powder. Yum! 

Apparently this dish was quite a treat to my southern beau which made me laugh because it's so easy to make. He kept asking me where the mashed potatoes had come from as if it were impossible I just whipped them up at home. 


  1. I've had a taste for some homemade mashed potatoes lately, and this post may have just given me my inspiration. I never thought of adding dill to them, but will try it. I do add dill to my rice though ;-)

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