October 23, 2012

Anti-Recipe: Vegan Pesto Pizza a' la Trader Joe's

There are times I'm very glad my southern beau is an adventurous eater. When I told him I was making bean pizza for dinner last night, he didn't even flinch. I wasn't sure how this creation would turn out, but it was delicious!

The crust was from ball of ready-made Trader Joe's pizza dough (whole wheat). Since I didn't have any marinara on hand, I used some of my homemade vegan arugula pesto for the sauce. My pizza's topping? A can of Cannellini beans. I was just about to pop it in the oven when I remembered I had some DIY sun dried tomatoes so I added those too. It might seem weird to eat beans on pizza, but I really enjoyed this combination.

The Anti-Recipe:

1 Trader Joe's whole wheat pizza crust (or another brand)

Roll out your crust on a pizza pan or baking stone. Spread 1-2 cups pesto on dough. Add 1 can of Cannellini beans (drained & rinsed). Top with a handful of chopped sun-dried tomatoes. Drizzle with olive oil. Season to taste (I used garlic powder, parsley, dried basil, and lemon pepper).

Place in a preheated 350 degree oven and bake for 10-12 minutes. Or follow the directions that your dough calls for.

What's the strangest topping you've ever had on a pizza?