July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday America!

Freedom. Independence. Celebration. Summer. The 4th of July means so many things to so many people. We all have different customs and traditions for this day, but each is special because it is beloved by the people we love. Some of us are at the beach, soaking up the sun and eating all the fresh seafood we can get our hands on. Others might be at the lake, enjoying the slower pace of life. 

Small towns across America are wearing their July 4th finest today, draped in the red, white and blue. Daddies will fire up the barbecue, mommas will whip up their famous potato salad, kids will stir the lemonade. From block parties to community festivals to cross country road trips and parades down Main Street, there is something for everyone. 

Whether you are joining the rest of your community for a city-wide celebration or just gathered with friends around the kitchen table, seeking the breeze from a window air-conditioner, I hope you have a wonderful day. 

The 4th of July is special because it's a day when we can outwardly acknowledge what we feel in our hearts....pride for our nation, gratitude to the heroes who have gone before us and the ones who continue to give their lives for our freedom, compassion for our fellow man, and love for our creator. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Independence Day!