June 26, 2012

Anti-Recipe: St~Germain Cocktail

st. germain cocktail

My brother is working at a restaurant this summer and since he had to work on Father’s Day, my family ate at his eatery so he could serve us. He created the most refreshing concoction for me called a St~Germain cocktail (pictured above). St~Germain elderflower liqueur has gotten to be pretty popular so maybe I’m just late to hear about it, but I still wanted to share.



Supposedly, for only a few weeks each spring, wild elderflower blossoms are handpicked in the Alps and then collected in sacks and transported via bicycle to be processed. The whole procedure seems very mysterious and enchanted.

There are lots of recipes using St~Germain on the brand’s website (if you are over 21, of course). The drink bubba made for me was a mixture of dry champagne and St~Germain with a twist of lemon (he emphasized that I tell y’all the lemon was important). I have no idea the exact measurements, but I’m sure you can experiment. I plan to!

I love gin & tonics in the summer, but I think St~Germain is going to be my new go-to cocktail! Have you tried it? What’s your favorite way to imbibe?


  1. Hi Kate...
    I just commented on an old blog post of yours back from Feb. of 2011 but I wasn't sure if you would see it there. I am curious about the Birkenstocks you posted, in the Emerald Isle green. They are so pretty and I have the chance to get a pair however, I am a little torn about the color. Are they more dark green or teal in real life? Some photos show more of a forest green and others show more teal. And do you have trouble matching them with outfits? Thanks for any feedback on these!


  2. I have tried something similar to this. So delicious. I like it mixed with gin and sparkling wine both.

  3. St. Germaine is the best. Try it in a gin and tonic.


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