June 18, 2012

Modern Ink Magazine Social Qs: Cleanup Conundrum

Modern Ink Cover june july 12

I’m a self-proclaimed etiquette junkie so when the fabulous folks over at Modern Ink Magazine asked me to do a regular column answering reader-submitted questions about social graces, I couldn’t have been more excited! My regular column is called Social Qs and the latest edition’s question was as follows:

“I really enjoy entertaining, but it seems as though I’m always the one who hosts (and therefore the one who is always left with an enormous mess). What’s a tactful way to ask my friends to pitch in without sounding whiney?”

Click here to read my response. I’m curious…how would YOU have answered this question? Do you agree with my answer or do you have a different take on things?

For more of my solutions to life’s most perplexing situations, hop over to the Modern Ink blog and check it out!