July 24, 2012

Brotherly Love

I’ve heard it said that siblings are nature’s way of creating different versions of ourselves. I didn’t become a sister until I was six years old, but for some reason I can’t really remember not being one. This is not to say that everything between my younger brother and me has always been peaches and cream…we loved each other, but we fought as kids. We said hurtful things to one another, got each other in trouble with our parents, broke/lost/hid each other’s toys.

Then little by little we grew up. Now that I’m 30, I think my relationship with my brother is one of the most important in my life. Again, don’t misunderstand that I’m trying to say things are perfect. We still disagree and have misunderstandings. I’m sure we will have many more. But through it all I am positive we will support each other. We will celebrate the good times. We will encourage during the tough times.

Based on other sibling relationships I’ve seen, I know this is a rare gift. Maybe you have a sibling you don’t feel close to. I’ve been there too. All I know is that when folks seem the most unlovable, this is usually when we need love the most.


There’s no real reason for this post today…just that I felt like putting some love out into the universe for my bubba. To steal Taylor Swift’s words: God smiles on my little brother, inside and out, he's better than I am.

I used to think that the people who loved us the most thought we were wonderful because their vision of us was clouded by love. Now I’m learning that they think we are wonderful because they are able to see us as we really are.