July 12, 2012

Roger’s Shoe Repair: Soles and Souls


Last week I stopped into Roger’s Shoe & Luggage Repair, a little shop in Knoxville that also offers general leather services. I had some belts that I wanted to get altered and I was told by several folks that Roger’s would be the best place to go.

I chatted with the cashier who asked me if I needed my belts altered from losing weight. When I told her that was indeed the reason, she sort of sighed and said that she had been struggling to lose weight and was feeling very defeated about the whole thing.

I consider myself fairly friendly, but I don’t usually divulge much of my personal story to random strangers. For some reason, I felt compelled to share it with her. I told her how, after slowly gaining weight over the last decade, I had, for the past year, been on a journey towards getting healthier. I said that each day brings new challenges but I’m trusting God through the process.

Apparently this struck a chord with her because we both ended up sharing more, crying a little bit and praying together. I left the shop feeling like I was walking on sunshine and I have thought about that day several times since.

I am not blogging about this to prove how caring I am or pat myself on the back for losing weight. I just wanted to share because this experience reminded me how important it is to connect with people. To see every person we come in contact with as someone with value, importance and a unique perspective that deserves to be heard.

You just never know when a random stranger will brighten your entire day or maybe, if you look for the opportunity, vice versa.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday sweet friend!