April 10, 2012

Spring in the South: Dining al Fresco

outdoor dining table

Since the weather in East Tennessee has gotten nicer, I’ve been bitten by the outdoor bug. Well, sort of. I’m not what you’d call an outdoorsy type, but lately I’ve wanted to eat as many meals as possible outside. Maybe it’s because it feels luxurious or a bit like vacation. None of the food I eat is particularly fancy, but even a plain Jane peanut butter sandwich feels a little more special when enjoyed with the breeze in your hair and the sun on your back.

I’ve noticed myself choosing restaurants based on whether they have a patio option…last night the beau and I dined at Panera for a simple salad, but munching on the patio made it feel sort of like a treat. I’m sure everybody doesn’t love dining al fresco as much as I do, but I’m curious how you feel about it!

Do you have a spacious patio or porch at your home that allows for outdoor dining? This is my dream, so if you do I’m totally jealous!

{image via flickr creative commons}


  1. I couldn't agree more. The Kentucky weather has been very generous, lately, which has allowed a lot of not-quite-seasonably-fit grilling and eating outside. You will most definitely not hear me complain about an early Spring. Our patio gets a work out with the weather is fair. The only problem is, our charcoal supply can't seem to keep up with needs. haha

  2. We live on my hubby's family farm and I am very blessed to have a home with large porch areas, so I love sitting on them during the evenings or eating on them at times, looking out over our yard, wooded area and the pond...UNLESS I am being swarmed by bugs, etc. Then it's back indoors for this gal! haha

  3. We are moving in a month and a half to an apartment with a balcony, I am SO excited! I can hardly wait for outdoor fall dining as it will be too hot here in Texas at the end of May to think about it (well...maybe one or two nice evenings). Love that you enjoy alfresco dining when it is nice out too! :)

  4. I am loving the weather. I have not really ate outside but have enjoyed a few adult beverages on the patio while throwing a ball for Belle.


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