April 11, 2012

Just Say Thank You

take a compliment

I’ve encountered something a lot lately and it’s really been bugging me. I feel like many of us (myself included) fail miserably at receiving compliments. So many times recently I’ve witnessed someone be complimented, only to refute the other person’s kind words. I think it must stem from the idea that we are supposed to exhibit modesty, but so often, I can tell the person (or myself) is just being falsely modest…almost as an attempt to get more compliments?

A compliment is no different than a gift. If someone came to your birthday party with a lovely wrapped present for you, would you tell them to take it away? I think we really must start viewing compliments in the same way. A simple “thank you” is a good start. I’ll admit this can be a challenge, especially when someone pays you a compliment you truly don’t feel you deserve. The trick is just accepting it without argument. Maybe eventually you’ll begin to believe it.

Think of the last compliment you were given. Did you receive it or toss it aside? Often it gets to be such a habit, I don’t think we even realize we are doing it. I challenge all of us to be a little more conscious of this and the next time someone pays us a compliment, instead of arguing the case for why it isn’t true, just smile and say thank you.

Now I shall climb down from my soap box and let y’all get on with the day. Happy Wednesday friend!

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  1. You are so right! I may not be the greatest at receiving a compliment, but it drives me nuts when people act like you've just burned them with a compliment...or worse, argue about it!


  2. I agree, I need to work on this myself. I actually find that saying thank you makes me acknowledge that my insecurities are invalid, which then embarrasses me but I need to get over it.

  3. I agree about the false modesty. I too am guilty sometimes.

  4. I used to be guilty of that all the time. Then I started saying "Thanks! Isn't *fill in the blank* great? I'm really proud of it!" I've found that people really respond to the positive enthusiasm :)

  5. I agree!! So true! EmPo would say it's rude to tell someone they are wrong when complimenting you!

  6. I agree! I know that I suffer from Not Just Taking A Compliment Syndrome. I have really tried to remedy this...a compliment is a gift and we should accept it with grace even if we feel undeserving of it at times. Funny, it annoys me so when people don't just accept the compliment! Haha

  7. I used to be one of those who would pass off compliments and then I had a similar thought as you and just starting being gracious and accepting them. I think part of it is trying to be modest but you are so right! If someone gave you a gift, you wouldn't give it back!

    Love this post.

    I added you to my blogroll, hope you don't mind!

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