April 4, 2012

A New Home for My Ironstone Collection


For several years now I’ve been collecting English ironstone china. I think it’s one of those types of collections that looks better when displayed all in one place, but without a hutch or cabinet, my pieces have been scattered around with no home of their own. That is, until this past weekend, when my ironstone collection got a new place to live.


I stopped by an estate sale that was sort of a bust except for this wonderful wooden shelf/hutch/cabinet. It’s all solid wood (none of that pressed board) and perfect for my growing ironstone collection. I was going to stain it a darker color (and still might) but for now, I’m happy with it. Did I mention it was $15? This belle loves a bargain.

So what do y’all think? Should I go with a dark stain, keep it as is or paint it a color? The image below (from Country Living) is sort of the look I’m going for, but I’ll need a few more years to add to my collection. Of course that is the fun of collecting, isn’t it?

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!