April 27, 2012

My Style Adventure, part 2


I already shared that I’m on something of an adventure to better understand and express my personal style through fashion. I mentioned that I’m working with a friend of mine, Brianna Lamberson, who is a stylist among other things and we had our first consultation recently to discuss what I’m hoping to achieve through this process.

Before our meeting, Brianna had asked me to think about what inspires me so I could share some of those things with her to give her a better understanding of my style. This is what I came up with:

- Art (especially American art from the 1950s, including the colors and textures used by my favorite artist Jasper Johns...if you aren't familiar with his work, he painted lots of different images of the American flag.)

Copy of Louise Brooks 1926.Richie 300x375jpe

- History…such a broad category, I know, but this might mean anything from the 1920s prohibition-era to the 1960s a’ la Mad Men


- Women in my family especially my mom and grandmothers. Brianna was interested in this and asked me lots of great questions which got me thinking about their styles and how they expressed themselves through fashion.

I explained to her my biggest challenge is putting articles of clothing together in ways that aren’t boring. I can match things up pretty well, but I rarely (if ever) feel like what I’m wearing is “styled.” I asked Bri to help me construct some outfits with pieces I already have that I might not have thought about pairing together.

After talking a bit more about my style goals, we decided that I would create a Pinterest board of looks I was drawn to, as well as people whose style I identify with. Here’s my board if you’d like to take a look. Eventually Brianna will come over and spend some time with me in front of my closet, getting it better organized and weeding out things I don’t love. I trust her opinion because she has a great deal of experience helping women find fashions that flatter our unique bodies and shapes. I think she will tell me (in a kind way) if something just isn’t working for me.

Do you have similar struggles of putting together creative outfits? If so, I hope you can learn some things and gain confidence along with me. Glad you’re joining in this journey…please feel free to ask questions if you have any! Happy Friday friend.