July 11, 2011

Penny Postcards


I’ve always been drawn to old things, especially when they have a story. One thing I’ve collected over the years is postcards…some from my travels and others depicting artwork and images I hold dear. My small collection of post cards pales in comparison to the cards my great-aunt received and collected in her life.


The cards, mostly dated from around 1910, ended up in the care of my great-grandmother, sister-in-law of the collector. My mom says she can remember looking through them as a child and I’m so thankful to have a few of them now.


This particular card tickles me because Bakers Cross Roads, Tennessee is little more than its name suggests…a spot where two roads happen to cross. I’m impressed they had their own official card printed.


This image, the back of the Bakers X Roads card, is sweet because it begins with the phrase, from your best friend. Kind words from a loved one are always appreciated, no matter how thoroughly modern we consider ourselves to be.


I wonder if this seemingly innocent card was considered risqué by the morality standards of the past.


This is another of my favorites because the concept of a harlequin doesn’t really seem like something the folks in rural Middle Tennessee would have been familiar with, but it paints a magical scene.

I hope we never stop sending and receiving mail…the old-fashioned way. There is something so fun about opening up the mailbox to find a card or letter inside. Let’s all think about sending someone we love a sweet note…it would do wonders to brighten his or her day!


Happy Monday friends!