July 5, 2011

New Bike Summer

girl on bike

I was something of a late bloomer when it came to bike riding, not learning to pedal on my own until I was in 4th grade or so. Once I learned to ride, I loved my bike so much and spent many summer days zipping around, pretending it was a horse, of course.

During college, it seemed everybody had a bike…but since I always lived fairly close and got by just fine with walking, I never cared too much about having one.


Then the lovely Miss Janice posted a picture of her new bike (a sweet birthday treat) and I was so smitten. Maybe it’s time for me to have a bike again! (Here’s a link to Huffy so you can see different styles)

Want to see more fabulous bikes with lovely girl riders? Check out this sassy tumblr blog, Girls with Bikes.