July 13, 2011

Anti-Recipe: Smashed Turnips


Turnips are one of those foods that often get passed over and I’ll admit to never having eaten them until recently. Maybe the image of Scarlett pulling a turnip out of the red earth of Tara and chomping down on it, only to retch, was emblazoned in my mind.

Since there were some cute little turnips in my CSA box a few weeks ago, I decided to be brave and try them. To my pleasant surprise, they were delicious! And I can promise this recipe will leave you much happier than Scarlett in her famed scene.

Smashed Turnips

  • 3-4 turnips, washed & coarsely chopped
  • butter
  • fresh chives (mine are the garlic variety!)
  • salt & pepper

Cover turnips with water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until the turnips are tender, but not mushy. Drain the water. Mash turnips with a little butter. Stir in chives and salt & pepper to taste. Enjoy!

{This dish is especially great for someone practicing a low-carb lifestyle, because they are an alternative to mashed potatoes without sacrificing flavor.}