July 19, 2011

A Modern “It” Girl

clara on carousel

I’ve always been a fan of Clara Bow. Imagine my surprise to see her 1927 film It available as a selection to watch instantly on Netflix. The film, also the source of her nickname “the It girl,” is a lively, yet silent romp. Watching it requires your full attention so don’t try to view it while multi-tasking or you’ll miss much of the charm (and probably the story!).

The above clip shows Clara and her suitor enjoying a carnival fun house…although I don’t think that whirling disc would pass any safety inspections by today’s standards.

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Here’s a little re-style of Clara’s pleated skirt & sweater ensemble from the film. Have you ever looked to a film from the past to get inspiration for the present?

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  1. I felt that way after watching Water For Elephants ... Reese looked so beautiful , I googled to find some outfits inspired by her look, but didn't have much luck . I find myself coverting the outfits of Drew Barrymore's characters after watching her films ( maybe not the wedding singer!)


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