June 14, 2011

Seersucker Social, Social Indeed


Chalk it up to ‘city-envy,’ but after spending some time in Atlanta lately, it seems there is no shortage of adventures to be had in that famous southern destination. I was there this weekend for a conference, but little did I know such a stylish event was taking place just a few miles from me. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know because I might have been tempted to skip my sessions and join in!


The Seersucker Social is a group bike ride which started from Woodruff Park and ended with a picnic at Oakland Cemetery. They even stopped for popsicles and peach mojitos along the way! Maybe wearing dress clothes on a bike ride through a bustling (sweltering!) city doesn’t sound like the most practical idea, but since when was being fabulous ever practical? {It's probably for the best I didn't try to participate in this adventure...with my lack of coordination and propensity for bumping into things, I would have probably needed an Atlanta bicycle accident attorney!}


All images were taken by the talented Cameron Adams, photographer and fashion blogger extraordinaire. He is known for his blog, The Chattanoogan which is a bit like that of the Sartorialist, but better because it’s set in the south!


It’s apparent from these smiling faces that great fun was had by all! Are you feeling some city envy too? Let’s quit our belly-aching and make an effort to improve our own towns, one fabulous day at a time!

{All images are from Cameron’s flickr set of the Seersucker Social and are used with permission via the Creative Commons License}