June 22, 2011

Adoring Adore

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I’ve always struggled to define my style when it comes to my home. Don’t misunderstand, I know what I like and can put those things together…in small doses. As for the overall statement of my domain, things get a little muddled. Recently, I was very happy to discover a magazine that really captures many aspects of my style.

Adore Home Magazine is a wonderful online publication from Australia and I can’t believe I’m just now finding it. All the images I’ve seen so far are really giving me inspiration for what I want to do in my home. Of course I don’t want to simply copy what lots of professional stylists have created…it just helps me to know that it’s possible to take what I like and make it look cohesive.

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I love all the unexpected pops of color used for basic pieces of furniture. I’m definitely more maximalist than minimal so the eclectic vignettes and groupings of items appeal to me too.

Another magazine with similar styles is the British publication, LivingEtc. Its site has a great feature that allows you to search by type of room using parameters of color, etc. 

Is there a magazine or blog that really helps you define your style?