June 6, 2011

I Heart Art: Mark Boomershine

back on the wagon mark boomershine

I recently saw the work of Atlanta artist Mark Boomershine for the first time while shopping at a great vintage/consignment boutique. I was drawn to his bold use of color and cheeky subject matter. His Back on the Wagon painting  caught my eye as did his interesting last name.


These first few images are part of a series entitled Barnyard Menagerie and I just can’t look at them without smiling. As a southern girl with farm roots, the barn painting is probably my favorite, but they are all so wonderful & fun. Sometimes when I tell people I majored in Art History in college, they assume I’m an art snob. Hardly! I just know what I like…what speaks to me. 

holy cow mark boomershine

These pieces definitely speak to me!

While walking around the shop in Atlanta, another fabulous painting caught my eye, but only on closer inspection did I realize it, too, was a Boomershine. The Rhett portrait is from the series called People I Grew up With and includes the likes of Wonder Woman, Clint Eastwood and others.

rhett mark boomershine

Any art lovers see influences of Jasper Johns or Robert Rauschenberg? Something about the vivid colors and use of text brings those two artists to mind.


You simply must visit Mark’s website and take a look around. I promise you won’t be disappointed. He so graciously granted me permission to use his images and seems like a very cool guy.

Hope this post added a shot of loveliness to your Monday!