February 2, 2011

Stylish Blooms a’ la Spud


I definitely pretend to have a green thumb when it comes to plants, and sometimes my plants actually grow and thrive. However, I’ve never even once pretended to be able to do anything with flowers, although I did try here. Even with my lack of floral design skills, I can recognize awesome when I see it and these centerpieces are awesome!


All of these giant floral centerpieces were used as decoration for one particular event at the recent conference I attended. The event was an afternoon snack break and the snack was French fries.


Each arrangement includes food and/or products that follow the theme of that particular variety of fry. I know it’s a little over the top, but what a neat way to think outside the box when creating floral arrangements.


The varieties of fry were “lemon pepper & parmesan waffle,” “barbecued sweet potato,” “Caribbean jerk,” and “chili lime.” I’ll let you match up the flavors with the flowers.


After we all tasted each variety, everyone voted on his or her favorite and supposedly, the winning flavor will be available in stores (the brand is Alexia if you’re curious and want to try them out for yourself).


One thing that I took away from last week and really from travel in general is that getting away from our normal routines helps us gain a bit of perspective on the vast amount of stuff that is out there. Using potatoes in a centerpiece certainly wasn’t on my radar before, but now I’m thinking of all sorts of neat things you could get creative with.


And isn’t that the whole point? Broadening our creative horizons? Maybe I’ll do nothing more than put four pretty pears in a bowl on my counter, but then again that’s something too. How are you adding a little pretty to your life these days?