February 8, 2011

A Sweeter Shade of Blue

Of all the colors in the world, turquoise is one of my favorites…it always manages to cheer me up no matter what.
It might be snowing and blustery at your house, but knowing that the sun is shining on a gorgeous sea somewhere helps…doesn’t it?
In the south, we call it aqua.

As in, paint your house a lovely shade of aqua. I think it has a certain stateliness to it, don’t you?

emerald isle birks

All these images of turquoise might have inspired me to buy some new shoes in a similar shade (ok they did).
Some people are violently opposed to Birkenstocks, but I say if they are good enough for supermodels, they are good enough for me. Plus I just like them and they are totally comfy. We might be wearing sweaters, but what are you doing to get your wardrobe ready for spring?