February 11, 2011

Get a little crafty: Silhouette DIY

etsy card silhouette{via etsy}

Paper-cut silhouettes were once just a cheap way to create someone’s likeness, especially before photography was readily available. The practice gained popularity through the 18th century and was elevated to something of an art form, but as often happens became eclipsed by developing technology as the years went by.

silhouette etsy little girl{via etsy}

Silhouettes have now made something of a resurgence, especially in the world of design. From your adorable child to your pampered pooch, any profile can be made into a silhouette by a number of talented artists on Etsy and otherwise.

etsy shop ring{via etsy}

Not fond of the graphic contrast for your walls? Lovely silhouette-inspired items abound on jewelry, clothing and other accessories.

I decided to try my hand at a little silhouette project the other night…mostly because I have yet to buy a 2011 wall calendar for my bedroom and after staring at December’s image for 2 months, thought I could at least do something useful with it.


I’m sure you’d never have guessed that my calendar happens to be GWTW. To make my silhouette of the happy couple, I traced the outline of Scarlett & Rhett onto some plain white paper, cut it out & taped it to a sheet of black cardstock. Then I carefully cut the shape out of the black paper and voila!

I used a glue stick to mount it to an oval canvas that I picked up at my local art supply store. Eventually I’ll probably cover it with Mod Podge for a layer of protection, but I’m still deciding whether I want to embellish the canvas at all or leave it plain.


Maybe you’d rather pose for a picture like this with your sweetie and make a cut-out of that. You might even see an image in a magazine you’d like to translate into silhouette. For less than $8 you can have something similar, yet one-of-a-kind.

{Here are some more detailed instructions with pictures of supplies, via design*sponge.}

Have a wonderful weekend and let us know if you get a wild crafting hair!