May 7, 2009

Southern hospitality never smelled so good!

Lately, I have been discovering some really neat hidden gems in the way of thrift stores. The reason these gems are such an untapped resource? I think some people may be afraid to step foot inside, but I say never judge a book or a store by its appearance. And what does it hurt to have a look?...nothing is lost anyway. Two of the treasures I found recently were at a little shop aptly named "Thrift Store." I found these great candles (brand new) for $5! They are from the Harry Slatkin collection for Bath & Body Works. I love the pineapple shapes and they are big enough (almost a foot tall) to make an impact. They are so bright and clean and both smell really yummy. One retails for $40 and the other for $20 so needless to say, I probably would have passed them up at b&bw. but $5 is just up my alley. Yay candles and yay for being adventurous!