May 18, 2009

Let your light shine

For a while, I was very "lamp-poor" and only had those cheapy plastic-domed halogen lamps, but lately I've been scoring big time in the lighting department. I found a pair of painted wooden lamps at a yard sale recently for $6 and with new linen shades, they look pretty comparable to pricier ones I saw at Urban Outfitters. They are the perfect addition to my bedside tables. I added ribbon trim that can be removed if I change my mind. Then this weekend's bargain was a super cute lamp with a clear acrylic base (similar to the one on the right) for only $5! Yay! It looks pretty good in my room and I have a feeling that I'll be tweaking things so that it looks great. My decorating is a work in progress, but that is the fun of it. If everything was just how I wanted it, I would get bored so fast!