May 1, 2009

I heart cupcakes in the springtime!

There is nothing in the world like a cupcake. I know they are uber-popular as of late and everyone has jumped on the craze, but what's not to love? Small & sweet. Cute & delicious. For a long time, my heart belonged to MagPies alone. This Knoxville bakery pretty much delivers the goods. As the humble cupcake's popularity has grown, a couple other shops have opened in town that give them a run for the money. Mind you, nobody can take their place. White cake/vanilla icing cupcakes at MagPies can't be beat. Cities Cupcakes has a great strawberry version they call "the Paris" (all the flavors are named for a different city) and the CupCakery's Tuxedo cupcake is also a big favorite within my inner circle. Even if you aren't a foodie or a sweet-lover extraordinaire, I dare you to eat a cupcake and try not to smile. They just have that effect on people. Now go get one!