May 28, 2009

An apple a day

This apple cookie jar sat on the top of my grandma's refrigerator for as long as I can remember. When she went to heaven and we were dividing up her kitcheney things, it was not one of the more popular or highly coveted items. I didn't have any particular connection with it (or so I thought), but when I saw it in the pile of things being donated to the Habitat thrift store, I just couldn't bear to see it go that way. So I brought it home and now it happily lives on top of my refrigerator. Even though it might not seem like my kitchen style, it fits perfectly and reminds everytime I look at it of my grandma and the love we all felt in her kitchen. As a side note, a quick google of 'vintage apple cookie jar' helped me to learn that it is a piece of Hull pottery and an identical one is going for $100 on ebay right now. Not that I care because I'll never sell it. I don't actually use it for cookies, but it is a perfect place for matches and spare keys.