April 16, 2009

A silver lining

In 1953, my grandmother was a senior at Oak Ridge High School. Along with all other young lady Wildcats graduating, she was invited to Loveman's Department store to get her sterling silver spoon. Each of the graduating senior girls was gifted a spoon in the pattern of her choice, a gesture which would hopefully create a relationship and a repeat customer as the girls were building their silver sets. Patsye chose International Silver's brocade. When she gave her silver to me last year her collection had grown to around fifty pieces. Each one represents a birthday, Christmas or anniversary gift from my grandfather to her and a happy memory of receiving it. While the value will most likely increase with time, it will always be overshadowed by the sentimental worth which will grow and grow. I hope to add to her collection and pass it along one day with more pieces and more stories behind them.