April 20, 2009

More Candles for a steal

Among the weekend's yard sale treasures were some great boutique candles (one of my current obsessions) for cheapity-cheap. First, a still-in-the-box Capri Blue candle by Aspen Bay. The one I got smells of Peeled Navel Orange and it is heavenly. It is the perfect bedroom candle because it is fresh and light, just the right scent to mingle with the heat of summertime. These retail at Anthropologie for around $18 and I got mine for .50 cents! yay! Next, this Yankee Candle in the largest size (retail $24.99, yard sale $1). double yay! These might not be considered 'boutique' because they are so mainstream, but I say costing twenty-five dollars bumps it into that category. This one smells just like fresh tulips. I'm so glad the recession hasn't impaired my need to surround myself with good smells...even if some people think a candle is a generic gift. From me to me, I'm always happy to get one!