April 6, 2009

Good enough to eat

When I look at my bank statement, it is obvious what category that I spend most of my money on: cosmetics & toiletries. Every ad promising tighter, firmer, glossier, etc. calls out to me and I have to try the product being pushed. My bathroom is filled with every product imaginable, but I do use them or pass them along so someone else can. I found this Philosophy 3-in-1 (brand new) at a yard sale for $1 and now I'm addicted. It smells just like my favorite ice cream and it works great as bubble bath or body wash. I probably won't try it as shampoo even though the label says you can. Of course when I run out, I guess I'll have to break down and pay retail for it (unless I stumble upon it again during a bargain excursion). Keeping my fingers crossed!