April 20, 2009

The San Franciscan treat

This weekend's yard sale excursion turned up a real treasure. At a local church sale as I was browsing a large selection of glassware and other collectibles, I spotted a stack of beautiful dishes. They were precariously stacked and taped together so it was hard to tell which pieces were there, but I knew from one look that I loved them. Pale robin's egg blue with a platinum rim, I didn't care if they weren't particularly valuable because for the price ($8 for all), they were gorgeous enough to be worth it. Of course when I got home I immediately looked them up online. How shocked was I to find that they are Franciscan China from the mid-1950s. Their pattern is dawn and they are in perfect condition. I have three complete place settings including darling little cups like the one pictured. So my $8 investment is actually worth 20x that. Not a bad little gamble I have to say.