October 3, 2018

Everything Pumpkin Spice | A Round-Up for 2018

October is here and that means Pumpkin. Spice. Everything. Sorry if this makes me basic, but I can't help but love all the flavors of the season, specifically pumpkin spice. That doesn't mean I like everything pumpkin spice flavored, but some of this stuff is pretty good y'all. Like really delicious.

So, in an attempt to do something for the greater good, I am making a guest appearance on WBIR to offer a round-up of some of the tasty pumpkin spice options available in stores right now. Maybe you'll see something that strikes your fancy and feel inspired to try it!

My favorite spots for pumpkin spice food offerings? Trader Joe's & Whole Foods, as well as The Fresh Market.

Whole Foods also has a round-up on their blog of some of the various seasonal pumpkin spice options available right now, including pancake and waffle mix, cupcake mix, dog treats, and popcorn.

My personal favorites? All the breakfast options, from cereal like Barbara's Pumpkin Puffins and pumpkin spice cream cheese and yogurt to pumpkin butter (a Trader Joe's signature item) and pumpkin spice toaster pastries. And even though they are a sometimes food, the pumpkin spice cookies are so good!

These Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice Madeleine Cookies are a new option this year and they are delicious.

Want something pumpkin for an afternoon snack? How about a cup of pumpkin spice coffee or tea with pumpkin spice biscotti?

For a late night snack, pumpkin spice popcorn or pumpkin chips and harvest salsa. 

Not everything goes well with pumpkin spice flavoring and sometimes if the quality of the product isn't so great, it has that fake pumpkin taste. But most of the products I have found at my local stores are pretty tasty.

There's something for everybody, and every meal of the day, including snacks. What's not to love?