September 25, 2018

Simple Fall Container Gardening Ideas

Fall is here and my front porch is badly in need of some sprucing up. The potted plants and flowers I tried to grow in the spring hung in there over the summer, but now it's obvious they have seen better days. Fall is a great time to add some plants to your porch and yard. It might seem like spring is a better time to plant, but autumn, with its shorter days and cooler temperatures is the best time. 

Fall brings some damp weather, which helps soil keep its moisture longer. Plus the soil is softer which makes for easier digging. You may also have fewer weeds because the sun isn't out as much and temperatures are cooler. Cooler temperatures are also less stressful to new plants, so they have a better chance of thriving. And when the temperature in the air is cooler than the soil, plants focus their energy into growing roots, which causes them to be healthier overall.

When choosing plants for a fall container garden, consider your space as well as your container. I get inspiration from the large planters I've seen around shopping centers and parks. I even snapped a pic of this one that I liked, in front of one of my favorite consignment shops in Knoxville. I love the tall plant in the center, which is called Sky Pencil Holly.

When creating a fall container arrangement, consider the following:

Color - 

There are so many great colors to incorporate for fall gardens, and they don't all have to be the typical fall shades or oranges, yellows and rust. I love chartreuse and bright greens, so coleus and sweet potato vines are always a favorite of mine. Another all-time favorite plant of mine is Dusty Miller, because it makes me think of my Granny who grew it in big pots by her front porch. Its grayish white leaves are a nice complement to just about any color scheme. 

Texture - 

I also like to choose plants in a variety of textures. From big flat leaves to small feathery leaves, as well as grasses and vines, there are so many different textures you can incorporate. And this keeps your planters looking interesting. Ornamental cabbages are another option I am really digging right now. Get it, digging? I crack myself up. 

Dimensions - 

When creating a fall container garden, try to use plants of different sizes and heights, which will also create a more beautiful finished product. Maybe start with something tall and feathery in the middle, and then add shorter leafy plants surrounding it. Finally, bring in some draping vines to create even more visual interest. 

via Southern Living

I hope some of these things inspire you to think outside the box with your fall container gardens! And don't forget you can always incorporate other natural elements, like curly twigs, pine cones and pumpkins. 

Happy Fall Y'all!