October 31, 2018

Simple Fall Decor to DIY

Fall is here and the holidays are just around the corner. This is a great time to decorate your house, but who wants to spend a ton of money? I've got some fun and simple DIY crafts to help you create cute fall themed decorations for your home.

First, I'm re-purposing an old book to make a simple fall garland to decorate a mantle or doorway. Using pages from the book, twine and leaves found in your yard, we will turn items on hand into something straight off the pages of a magazine. I spotted this on Sew Beyond Beautiful's Etsy Shop!

All you need is the pages from a book (the number of pages is up to you depending on the length of your garland), leaves (either real ones from the yard or faux from the floral department of a craft store), and twine to string it up. Glue dots are also helpful for this project, as is a hole punch to make holes for your twine in the pages.

Don't have any old books lying around? Some used bookstores (like McKays where I live) have a "free book" bin out front. I would never destroy a favorite volume, but it's really a way to give an old unwanted book a new life! You could also pick up a novel for a buck at the Dollar Tree.

Next, fall is all about getting cozy with a warm drink. But who likes to leave a coffee mug ring on your furniture? With felt scraps, we can make some cute and cozy fall coasters that not only protect your tabletops but also give a pop of color to any room.

I was inspired by the Crafty Cats with these cute fall-themed coasters! Since I wanted an easier (less time-consuming) option, I chose to make mine out of felt and just glue them together. But this project can be scaled to your taste and craftiness level!

Finally, I am turning some baskets into a lovely centerpiece with found objects from my yard. I was inspired by this gorgeous centerpiece I saw on Better Homes & Gardens....what a great idea!

Especially if you have a set of nesting baskets that are all the same. If you only have random, mismatched baskets, this would still work as long as they get gradually smaller. I only had two so I simplified my centerpiece but the sky's the limit for yours!

Fall decor doesn't have to be stressful. Especially with these simple and affordable projects to bring some fall fun and seasonal coziness into your home!