June 12, 2013

Summer Travel: Folly Beach

Traveling is such a fun part of the summer and since I already shared that I'm hoping to really enjoy all the moments that summer has to offer, I'm trying to plan some travel adventures too! 

There are so many amazing summer travel destinations in the south...it's definitely hard to choose. I was chatting with a blogger friend of mine named Anna who happens to be an expert on one popular southern travel destination: Folly Beach, South Carolina. 

I asked Anna a few questions about Folly and she had such great things to say, I thought I'd share! 

SBS: What do you love about Folly Beach?

Anna: Folly Beach is unlike any other beach town on the East Coast. It's small-town, meets artist-community, meets the ocean. So there's always something going on that's interesting: art shows, festivals, surfing competitions. And the beach is beautiful, wide, full of shells, and perfect for summer afternoons. But there's more to Folly than just the beach. People wave from street corners. Surfers welcome the sunrise. Anyone is truly welcome there, and that's a great feeling.

SBS: For someone who has never been to FB, what are the "must see" attractions/locations/etc.?

Anna: Start on the beach with your toes in the surf. You can't go wrong with the beach, obviously. You have to walk up and down Center Street. There's always something to see, shop for, and eat on Folly's version of main street. And you'll want to see Morris Island Lighthouse. If you drive down East Ashley Street until it ends and then walk the 1/4 mile to the beach you will have some amazing views of the lighthouse that is typically surrounded by water. If you fish, then you'll have to drop your line from the Folly Beach Edwin S. Taylor Fishing Pier, and even if you don't fish, then it's worth it to walk to the end to look for dolphins or see what anyone else has caught. 

My family loves the parks on Folly, especially the Pirate Playground and Folly Beach County Park. I also love to buy fresh seafood from Crosby's for dinner; their boats are tied up out back, so everything they have is delicious. 

SBS: Whats your favorite FB restaurant?

Anna: So many of the restaurants on Folly are good, and really you can't go wrong. I love to sit outside at The Charleston Crab Shack on Center Street. The patio lets me people watch, and the food is always good. I always order shrimp just because it's totally my favorite, but have to try the hushpuppies too. It might be worth a trip to Folly for the hushpuppies. Really.

 SBS: What about FB makes it an inherently southern destination?

Anna: I could tell you that it's because George Gershwin wrote Porgy and Bess here. Or I could say that because it's next door to Charleston, so much history has rubbed off on Folly. But what I really think makes Folly Beach southern are the people. People here care, they smile when they see you. They open doors and say things like, "Bless your heart." And they mean it. Folly Beach is southern to it's core, and the people here are the proof. 

If that isn't enough reason for me to start planning my trip to Folly Beach, I don't know what is! It sounds like a truly magical place and I hope I get to experience it sometime soon! 

Are you a Folly Beach fan? I'd love to hear your favorite spots and sights to visit on Folly! And thanks to Anna for helping me out! Check out her great blog "In the Next 30 Days" where she carries out month-long challenges and adventures...it's awesome!