June 3, 2013

Do you have a vision?

 I've heard this Bible verse all my life: "Where there is no vision, the people perish..." and it always kind of scared me a little. Sometimes it feels like there is so much pressure on us to define our vision in life, to figure out our purpose. What if we pick the wrong one? What if the vision we have is based on misinformation? What if we spend all our life doing something that doesn't line up with what we were "meant to do?"

There are so many books out there that claim to help us find our vision or understand our purpose. And I'm not saying they are bad. But what if we understood that we didn't have to go outside ourselves to learn that stuff? What if we knew it was as simple as asking our heart?

I'll never forget a conversation I had with my mom several years ago. I was working in a job that felt like a dead end. I knew I was fortunate to have it, but it made me feel so trapped. Do you know that feeling?

I was frustrated and trying to express to my mom how I couldn't figure out what I wanted to be doing, but I knew it wasn't what I was currently doing.

She asked me what I might choose if I could do anything I wanted. My vision at the time was so unclear...but I remember saying "I just want to have a job where I can be at home with the dog all day."

This might sound crazy to you. Looking back, it was kind of a wacky thing to say. But it was a real desire of my heart. I love my dog. And he loves my being at home with him. It's a peaceful time for us both and in the moment of frustration, that was the shred of vision I had for myself.

Maybe some part of your vision for your life seems wacky to others. Maybe even you think it's a little bit nuts. Well I just admitted to wanting to build my life goals around the well-being of a dog...it can't get any wackier than that. But I'm happy. And I want you to be too.

As I sit here typing this post, with my dog sprawled out on the bed in the other room, I have to smile. Each morning I wake up and begin my workday....at my home office...with the dog nearby. And I feel so blessed for this experience. What might have seemed like a silly dream five years ago is now part of my reality.

I don't believe that we can just say something and will it into being. I do believe that if something is buried in your heart and you have the courage to speak it, it can begin to be real. I knew that being home with my dog was part of my vision...but just a little part. The other, bigger part of my vision (having my own business) wasn't yet realized. But all things in good time.

Maybe your vision for your life isn't complete. Maybe it never will be. But if there are parts of it that you feel in your heart to be true, why not entertain the possibilities. Why not?