November 2, 2012

Happy Deviled Eggs Day!

Surely you didn't think I would let National Deviled Eggs Day pass by without a blog post commemorating it? (who thinks up all these wacky holidays anyway?). I've made it very clear that my love of eggs is deeply rooted (as evidenced in this post featuring a child-version of myself holding a chicken). I've also talked at length about my love for deviled eggs...whether as chic hors d' oeuvres at an elegant southern wedding or a comforting part of southern funeral food offerings.

Whether you prefer fancy deviled eggs (with exotic additions such as caviar or pimento cheese) or more traditional versions (Paprika!), you are part of a long tradition of folks who enjoy this delicacy, which dates back to ancient Rome. I wonder if the ancient Romans had their version of the deviled egg plate (like the Fire King version I was lucky enough to be gifted from my grandma's collection).

My dad has always called them 'dressed eggs' and when he married into the family, my mom's devout Baptist grandmother also adopted that term because I'm sure she had always been secretly offended by any reference to the devil.

Since I started eating vegan this year, I haven't had any deviled eggs (which makes me pretty sad when I stop to think about it). But that doesn't mean I can't celebrate the holiday in spirit! Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy a deviled egg for me!