December 12, 2011

Small Traditions, Big Meaning


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in my neck of the woods and over the weekend, the southern beau and I enjoyed one of our favorite holiday season traditions. Every year we like to bundle up, grab a coffee or hot cocoa and drive around the neighborhood looking at the lights.


By now, most everybody who is going to has put up his or her Christmas tree and outdoor decorations. We like to make our way around and see what festive décor can be seen. There are certain houses we always look forward to because we know they’ll be decked out in holiday brilliance. Plus, there’s something about seeing a lit-tree twinkling in each home that reminds me how much we are all connected.

It might not be very glamorous, but it’s our tradition and we really look forward to it each year. That’s the thing about traditions…they can be anything really, as long as they are special to you. I love to hear people talk about their own meaningful traditions. Anytime they get that wistful look in their eyes and begin a sentence like “oh and we always…,” you know they are going to share a story that matters to them.

I’d love to hear about a simple, but important tradition your family enjoys together. What makes the holidays feel like the holidays to you?