December 20, 2011

A Holiday Blogger Outing with Southern Belle Simple


Last night I met up with some fabulous local bloggers for a little dinner and friendly conversation. Some of the lovely ladies I’d met in person before and others were new friends, but we all had a great time and I’m excited to connect and support each other in this adventure.

I want to share their blogs so you can check them out and support them too! From left is moi, Heather of SprinkleBakes, Heather of The Mommyhood, Melinda of First Comes Love, Melissa of Frugalissa Finds, and Jennifer of Family Friendly Knoxville and Playgroups are No Place for Children.

Some of us are moms, some are wives, some pet owners, some artists, crafters and bakers. I would never have dreamed when I began writing a blog that my life would be so enriched by the friendships and connections I’ve made in the process, but it really has. Instead of competing against each other for readers and Facebook likes, bloggers, or at least the ones I’ve met, do support each other.

I look forward to many more get-togethers with these wonderful ladies and any others in our area who’d like to join. Thanks to all of them for attending our first event last night!