December 14, 2011

From the Southern Belle Simple Bookshelf: Homemade by Clodagh McKenna


I recently stumbled upon a wonderful book and ended up purchasing it as a little early Christmas gift to myself. Homemade by Clodagh McKenna is one of those volumes I’m sure I’ll refer to again and again as it is filled to the brim with wonderfully easy recipes and creative ideas.

McKenna is an Irish television personality and she just exudes girl next door charm. From her preserved lemons and Christmas chutney recipes to her thoughts about the importance of having picnics and keeping life simple, her book offers a little taste of what things are like in her world. It is beautifully designed and has enough pictures to satisfy even my picky tastes (what can I say…I like cookbooks with a lot of pictures).

You can also visit Clodagh’s website where she shares a ton of recipes and other info that is found in the book. Maybe I’m drawn to her because a part of me longs to connect with my Irish roots. I’m just glad I discovered her because I’ve already gotten quite a bit of inspiration from the book and site.

If you still aren’t convinced, take a look at this recipe for onion soup with cheese toast and just try not to drool.

Hope everyone is having a blessed week! Mine has been busy but Wednesday means Friday is just around the corner so I think we’re gonna make it. Love y’all!