February 25, 2010

Now show me something pretty

I stumbled across the artwork of a printmaker by the name of Melissa Brown (her website here) and was really blown away by how much I love this particular print. niagara

NY LOTTO RECEIPT; Niagara, woodcut on hand dyed paper (31x31”) 2009.

There is something about the saturation of the pinks with the little pops of orangey-yellow that really does it for me. I could see this in a yellow lacquered frame, hanging on a gray wall (like a soft felty gray). This is the kind of art I would like to see in a new baby’s room because it is interesting to look at, colorful and not a duck or lamb (no offense to all you duck and lamb lovers out there).

The same artist also did a series using Lottery scratch-off tickets, and it is amazing. Think about how much design is incorporated into each different variety of scratch-off ticket, even though the tickets are ultimately going to be thrown away (the losing ones, at least). Doesn’t this have the appearance of a crazy quilt? What a way to take something headed for the trash and turn it into something beautiful.

run the table scratch off art Run the Table, $798 in used scratch-off tickets, 2009