February 18, 2010

Beauty (and our health) is more than skin deep

My love affair with cosmetics has been a long one. I’m not sure if I can credit this to being a child of the 80s or a child of a former cosmetics counter girl at the now defunct Harveys department store, but any who….I just adore products! There is something hopeful about tearing into a small, shiny package that promises to lift, smooth, firm and illuminate. An entire new outfit might be out the question (budget-wise), but I can always manage to scrape together enough change for some strawberry-flavored shimmer gloss, aptly titled “pink-a-boo” or something equally enticing.

One product that might not be quite as glamorous, but is oh so necessary is the facial cleanser. There are so many brands, types and formulas on the market that it is pretty tough to choose, even with all the advertisements coming our way. Some people use Oil of Olay because that’s what their moms and grandmoms used. Others fancy Dove, a brand which has recently put a spotlight on the idea of beauty in all different forms. I have sworn by many different products (whatever I was hooked on at the time), but kiss my face olive oil soapI’m currently liking this pure olive oil soap from Kiss My Face. The bar is actually kind of greenish brown (not as pretty as those pink Olay beauty bars which I always wanted to buy just for looks) and there isn’t much smell (once again, can’t compete with the Dove Go Fresh beauty bar). The draw of this particular bar is its lack of ingredients (olive oil, water & salt). It’s pretty much no frills, but that is kinda what I was going for. The main reason I chose this soap was its rating by the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database (more on the database in another post!)…a big fat zero out of ten. Ten is the worst a product can be in terms of ingredients that are just no good for us, so zero is best! Any other fans of Kiss My Face products out there? Any other products you love that I should try? In this case, it is perfectly fine to be an enabler and suggest something on which I can become hooked!