September 18, 2019

Ways to Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and in honor of the occasion, I'm sharing some fun and simple ways to celebrate!

According to my Internet research, the holiday was created in the mid-90s. To truly make the most of observing it, you might want to adopt a pirate moniker and greet people with traditional pirate greetings such as "Ahoy, maties!" or "Ahoy, me hearties!"

In addition to that, I've got some really simple ideas that you can re-create to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day with your friends and family!

Drink Like a Pirate: Non-Alcoholic Dark and Stormy

What pirate wouldn't love a drink called a "Dark and Stormy?" I'm creating a non-alcoholic version but you could easily add a bit of alcohol as well for a more spirited version. 

Traditional Dark and Stormy cocktails call for dark rum, ginger beer, a splash of molasses bitter and a splash of lime juice, all served over ice. 

For my non-alcoholic version, you'll need: 

  • 1 cup of ginger beer
  • 1 T fresh lime juice
  • 1/3 cup pineapple juice
Mix it together and serve over ice and you might just find your party guests saying "Blow me down!" 

Eat like a Pirate: Your Own Pizza the Buried Treasure!

Check out this awesome pizza treasure map, via Betty Crocker. This would be such a fun & easy way to celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day! Making 'homemade' pizza was one of my favorite things to do as a kid. My grandma always let me grate the mozzarella cheese. 

You could make one big pizza or get smaller crusts or flatbreads and let everyone create his or her own map to the buried treasure! 

All you need is your crust or base, your favorite sauce, cheese and toppings (I got red & green peppers, and black olives). 

Decorate Like a Pirate - 

Instead of spending any money on decorations, I raided my Halloween stash for anything that could be remotely pirate-centric. Things like skulls, bottles of potions, and cauldrons can easily be re-appropriated for a pirate party. 

Add some pirate-friendly treats like any gold wrapped candy (treasure), goldfish crackers or Swedish fish (catch of the day), and chocolate bon bons (cannon balls). 

And don't forget to let everyone figure out his or her Pirate Name! This is Dread Thunder Blackbeard, signing out!