June 23, 2017

All Things Pink in Honor of National Pink Day

Today is National Pink Day. There's no real reason for the holiday except as an occasion to celebrate that most beloved hue. I haven't gotten on the Marie Kondo "Joy Sparking" bandwagon but I do believe in things that make us happy and pink definitely never fails to make me smile. 

But I am a millennial (barely) and Millennial Pink is a thing,  so there's that. I combed through my photo archives and put together this round-up of a few that make me smile. 

Happy Pink Day y'all! 

1. Pink Lipstick & Pink He-Man Shirt (yes, this is me)

2. My Sweet Leon snoozing peacefully with his Pink little lips

3. My breathtakingly beautiful bridal bouquet with all my favorite shades of pink, peach and coral

4. Perfect pink peonies grown by my dad, transplanted from my great grandmother's garden


5. A sentiment we should consider from time to time (Como Si, Como No near Flagler Beach, Florida)


6. 60th Anniversary Cake for my grandparents' recent celebration


7. Love this combination of aqua and pink


8. My next bathroom will be pink

 9. Pink Shelling Beans, aka Shellies from the local farm stand

 10. A perfect pink flower at my favorite garden 


11. Art meets Fashion meets Fabulous at the Met for the Comme de Garcons Show 

 12. The Museum of Ice Cream


13. Fabulous raspberry creme brulee at District in Cleveland


14. View from the porch of my favorite Air BNB (I can't wait to go back)


15. More gorgeous blooms from my wedding...those carnations are the perfect shade of dusky pink. To. Die. For. 


16. Watermelon + Mint + Feta Salad


17. One more glorious peony for good measure

18. A fabulous mock-cocktail perfect for summer evenings (or you can also add champagne for more spirited fun)


19. Birthday flower arrangement from a dear friend

 20. Assorted Pink Macarons from Laduree NYC

21. Eudora Welty (by Katherine Sandoz)


22. Strawberry Congealed Salad, aka Pink Fluff


23. View of Sunrise from Ormond Beach where I spent summers as a child

24. Strawberry Butter made fresh from just picked strawberries, slathered on hot biscuits

25. Words of encouragement I needed to hear.